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Area Width (Metres)

Square Metres

Board Width (mm)

Linear Metres

Board Length (Metres)

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How to Calculate Linear Metres

Simply inter the "Length & Width" measurements in the text fields and the calculator will start calculating. That will give you your first total (Square Metres).

Enter the board width (the width of the boards, planks, timbers or cladding) you intend using in "Millimetres"

After entering the width of the boards, the "Linear Metre" calculation will show. This is the amount of timber in linear metres you will need for the width of boards you intend using to cover the square metre area.

By entering the board length measurement (optional), the calculator will tell you how many boards at a given length you will need.

If you are purchasing timber and only have a Linear Metre price, enter the cost in the "Price per linear metre" field to see the total cost. (You may have to also add TAX or VAT)!